Bakery Industry- Not an unorganised business anymore!

Bakery Industry in India : A Makeover Phase has just arrived!

The growth of the bakery industry has been tremendous in last 25-30 years.  

In terms of machines, Industries was initially using wood fired ovens which later developed into deck ovens, swing tray ovens, rotary ovens and tunnel ovens. This has improved the product consistency and production capacity.

Mixing technology has evolved from manual mixing to slow speed and then to high speed mixer. This has reduced the mixing time significantly. Also we have more uniform mixing and hygienic operation. 

Industry had to take care of the water treatment systems. So they introduced water chiller systems & RO water systems in the industry to improve quality and safety.

Dough handling was improved from open air proofing to proofing chamber with controlled temperature and humidity.

In terms of Ingredient up gradation. They added emulsifiers, stabilizers to ensure better product quality and consistency.

In terms of moulds they were using tin mould initially, then they moved to galvanised steel and now the latest technology of Teflon coated moulds has come which removes requirement of oil application on moulds.

Packaging from butter paper has moved to PP bags and now to BOPP and laminates.

This is how the bakery industry have grown, but still we have a lot of scope to grow as an industry. We realize this when we go broad and see the technology, machines, packaging, product there.

To highlight the need of the hour upgradation steps for the bakery industry I would like to say these points:

  • Better process & control.  Bakery industry is experiencing issues in terms of automation,better monitoring & ERP systems in a factory. 
  • Better labour laws. We have to inculcate better labour handling policies and to develop better labour laws. So that the industry grows as an organized industry.
  • Better product development would be another key to guide how we develop and grow.  
  • We have to improve our packaging.
  • Better Operations. In terms of low wastage, better cost monitoring systems, efficiency has to improve in terms of volume, over all capacities, and to have lesser operating cost. 
  • We have to also learn how to handle the competition.There should be healthy competition so that the market grows mutually rather than having unhealthy or unethical competition
  • And lastly we should have a better consumer behaviour development, we as the part of the industry and manufacturing fraternity have to groom and train our consumers as well. On which product is better, how to handle the product, and why an expensive, premium product is better than a low cost product.

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