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30 Jul
Bakery Industry in India : A Makeover Phase has just arrived!
Hitesh Tripathi, CEO Tech4serve Project Consultants LLP

First of all, I would like to bring your attention to the fact, how we have grown in bakery industry in the last 25-30 years.
In terms of machines, we were initially being using wood fired /coal fired ovens which later developed into deck ovens, swing tray ovens, rotary ovens and tunnel ovens. This has improved the product consistency and production capacity. It has eased the art of baking to manifolds
Mixing technology has evolved from manual mixing to slow speed and then to high speed. This has reduced the mixing time significantly. We have more uniform mixing and hygienic operation. Despite the mechanical shock we are able to deliver much better results.
Water being one of the major contributing factor in the product quality, we had to take care of the water treatment systems and water temperature. So we introduced water chiller systems & RO systems and softeners to improve quality and safety.
Dough handling was improved from open air proofing to proofing chamber with controlled temperature and humidity. The production could be streamlined due to this and losses were reduced drastically
We added emulsifiers, stabilizers leavening agents and other dough improvers to ensure better product quality and consistency. This step also was revolutionary as our loaf size started increasing and weight started reducing! Hence profitability of course.
In terms of baking pans and moulds we were using tin mould initially, then we moved to galvanised steel and now the latest technology of Teflon coated moulds has come which removes requirement of oil application on moulds. The hygiene in the plant increases and uniform baking is observed in a cost effective manner.
Packaging from butter paper has moved to PP bags and now to BOPP and laminates.
This is how we have grown, but still we have a lot of scope to grow as an industry. We realize this when we go to international markets and exhibitions and see the technology, machines, packaging, product there.
Need of the hour in terms of upgradation bakery industry.
- PROCESS AND CONTROLS Better process & control. Bakery industry is experiencing issues in terms of automation, better monitoring & ERP systems. Strict recipe controls, reduction of man-made losses will help us increase productivity and profitability.
-LABOR LAWS We have to inculcate better labour handling policies and to develop better labour laws. So that the industry grows as an organized industry.
- PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT Better product development would be another key to guide how we develop and grow. As a policy we should ensure that we deliver a safe, hygienic and better product to the customer to retain them and develop their confidence and loyalty.
-PACKAGING A lot has already been done but a lot can still be done.
- DEVELOPMENT OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOR we as the part of the industry and manufacturing fraternity have to groom and train our consumers as well. On which product is better, how
to handle the product, and why an expensive product is not necessarily good and vice versa, premium product & low cost product differentiators. Quality norms, Safe and unsafe ingredients etc.
-HEALTHY COMPETITION as an industry we also have to adopt healthy competition among ourselves so that we donít use unhealthy practices and hence bring an international acclaim for ourselves and the country.