Market Survey Reports / Studies / Research

Market survey provides information to explore market potentials for products and services for expansion of any enterprise/business. Market research and analysis helps extensively to formulate their policies and Promotional Programme, Regional Development and Project Financing, Market Strategy, Impact of Globalization and Product Specification. We have prepared approx. 2000 Market Surveys on various subjects which are prepared by our expert panel of researchers, analysers and consultant engineers based on professional research and analysis on global and regional market for small and medium enterprises all the reports are based on in-depth market study and feasibility study.

Through our network of professional consultants we undertake the project report that elucidates the present market potential as well as future scope of the product. Market research helps Industrial Development Institute, Trade Promotional Agencies, Planning Bodies, Banks, Financial Corporations, Small Medium Entrepreneurs Public Sector Undertakings, and Government Agencies. They all need to rely on market research /Reports to provide them with present Market Positions, Expected Future Demand to formulate their policies and programme. We also provide statistics of Imports & Exports, Exports Prospects, and Final Decision on Project Financing, Names and Addresses of Existing Units and many more details. All the market surveys are highly focused and extensive in nature.

Technology Upgradation Studies for Manufacturing Units

Modernization/ Expansion /Diversification of Industrial Plant

  • On-site study for existing facilities
  • Status of existing plant & equipment
  • Man power deployment for various processes.
  • Material handling system and work flow.
  • Need for modernization/ expansion/diversification.

Capacity utilization /Productivity Improvement

  • Present average equipment utilization.
  • Constraints in optimum utilization of equipment.
  • Need for up gradation of equipment & processes.
  • Need for additional facilities for optimum utilization of resources.

Rationalization, Work simplification & Cost reduction studies

  • Analysis of existing production processes and workflow.
  • Identification of bottle - necks during various stages of manufacture.
  • Need for replacement or provision for additional equipment and balancing facilities.
  • Analysis of existing cost of production.
  • Need for re layout and improvement of material flow.
  • Rationalization of existing product mix.

Management of Maintenance & Repair Services

  • Study of existing set up of maintenance services
  • System for preventive and breakdown maintenance.
  • Maintenance organization and man power deployment.
  • Spare parts procurement system.
  • Preparation of proposed organization structure and its implementation.

Man power studies

  • Analysis of existing organization structure
  • Analysis of category wise development of man power in various sections.
  • Job requirements and skills needed for various operations
  • Span of control for supervisory/ managerial personnel
  • Need for development of organization structure and man power deployment


Establishment of Quality System

Quality is the key to success of any activity. Even in a seller market situation, quality provides the competitive edge through higher productivity and lower cost of production.In the liberalized environment, when competitions and survival of the fittest is the order of the day. Quality assumes significant importance in the industrial management philosophy.

Services offered for quality system

Comprehensive package of services are offered for establishment of Quality system in Designs, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing, comprising of following phases;

Phase I

  • To determine status of existing Quality system and hold extensive discussion with key personnel.
  • To select appropriate structure for development of documented Quality system.
  • To prepare actions plan for establishment of Quality system.

Phase II

  • To generate awareness of personnel for introduction of Quality system
  • Formulation of Draft Quality policy.

Phase III

  • System development format
  • Preparation of documents for Quality system including: Quality Manual/ Quality Procedures/ Quality Plans / Company Standards/ Work Instructions etc.

Phase IV

  • Release of Quality Documents to designated personnel.
  • Monitoring of Implementation of Quality system.
  • Periodic Internal Quality Audits